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BOOKS Non-Fiction + Humor

Prices include shipping.


All books are in very good shape unless otherwise noted.

The only thing wrong is the repaired tears on top edge of jacket, otherwise excellent condition, $2.95 original cover price on inside flap, no paper aging, has a few photos of Pat.

~ 'TWIXT TWELVE AND TWENTY - 1959 - $12.00

Mint condition, has a small note in ink on page 3, advice to teens with some artwork.

~ YOUNG ONLY ONCE - 1963 - $15.00

Moody Press, $2.50 cover price in inside flap, book looks great except that 1/3rd of the back jacket cover has a water stain and a thin white paper pull from another book.

~ ELBOWS OFF THE TABLE - 1957 - $10.00

126 page hardcover in VF condition, many 2-color pages of artwork, includes the violet ribbon bookmark!

~ Reader's Digest 20th ANNIVERSARY ANTHOLOGY - 1941 - $20.00

Book is NM-M condition, lots of great color interior artwork by Robert Day, has a bonus reply card with artwork, the owner's signature is at top of page 3. Jacket has a little edgewear and a small bit of aging.

~ FUN FARE - 1949 1st edition - $18.00

Book is perfect except for very light interior paper aging around edges, there is a full page note and signature by author on page 3. Jacket has some edgewear, features tons of vintage barbeque recipes in this cookbook.

~ EPICURE AND CHARCOAL - 1955 1st edition - $8.00

Book and jacket in MINT condition, tons of interesting photos and illustrations from British cyder history, $11.95 cover price on inside flap.

~ THE HISTORY AND VIRTUES OF CYDER - 1982 1st edition - $10.00

No jacket, printed hardcover, 374 pages of art and humor from James Thurber, VF+ condition, has some light interior paper aging around page edges.

~ THE THURBER CARNIVAL - 1945 1st Harper & Brothers edition - $10.00

Book is NM condition with some super light interior paper aging, owner signature on page 3, jacket has very light scuffing, features some embarrassing stories and drawings.

~ ALL TIME GREAT BLOOPERS - 1973 1st edition - $10.00


150 page Harper hardcover in excellent NM condition, no jacket, includes nice printed inside covers and 12 pages of gloss b/w photos of planets and galaxies!

~ THE NATURE OF THE UNIVERSE by Fred Hoyle - 1950 - $8.00

Hardcover book in very nice shape, jacket has some scuffing, edgewear and a few small tears, back cover has a repaired tear. The only problem is that the bottom edge of the jacket is stuck to the books back cover, opens fine without curling. Lots of great fifties-stlye 2-color artwork, classic!

~ ALL ABOUT THE ATOM - 1955 8th printing - $10.00

292 page Doubleday hardcover in excellent condition, jacket has some edgewear and light scuffing, worst on front. Features lots of great b/w illustration to go with the explanations.

~ HOW DOES IT WORK? - 1961 1st edition - $8.00

Book in mint condition except for a price written in pencil on page 3 and three different spots underlined neatly in red. Jacket has some edgewear just a few small chips at top - $4.50 cover price, 6 pages of photo plates.

~ LIFE ON MARS - 1965 1st ed. - $5.50

258 page softcover book in excellent condition! Tons of rare photos and artwork, great reference guide!

~ U.S. ON THE MOON - 1969 1st edition - $15.00

Book in excellent condition, there is a sticker and two words in pencil on page 3, jacket has light corner wear. Photos and illustrations.

~ RADIOASTRONOMY AND RADAR - 1961 1st printing - $6.00

These 2 books are sold together, both are in nice condition, one jacket has a light water stain, $10 cover price total.

~ YEARBOOK OF ASTRONOMY - 1969-70 - $8.00

Book in great condition, near new, jacket has some wear and a light water stain, $5.00 cover price.


Book and jacket in mint condition, $14.00 cover price.

~ CULT OF THE ATOM - 1982 - $6.50

Book in mint condition, jacket has very light wear, $11.00 cover price.

~ NUCLEAR NIGHTMARES - 1979 - $7.50

Book in mint condition, jacket has a little edgewear in a few spots.

~ MYSTERIES OF TIME & SPACE - 1974 - $7.50

Book in VF+ condition, thick 554 pages with some photos, jacket has some scuffing. Cutting edge science up to 1978!

~ SCIENCE FACT - 1978 1st printing - $7.50

Big and heavy 450 page glossy hardcover in excellent condition except for small light water stain at bottom outer page corners, hard to notice, features hundreds of beautiful color pictures to accompany the subjects explained.

~ Reader's Digest HOW IN THE WORLD - 1990 1st edition - $20.00

Thick Harper & Row 556 page softcover has a little edgewear and scuffing, has many interesting photos.

~ THE EMERGENCE OF MAN - 1972 2nd edition - $10.00

124 page softcover in excellent condition except for some light scuffing, contains hundreds of photos of bones and organ disections and more, $15.00 cover price.

~ A GUIDE TO ANATOMY AND PHYSIOLOGY LAB - 1986 2nd edition - $20.00

Very thick 780 page hardcover in mint condition, jacket has light edgewear, giant book of American slang.


324 page hardcover in very good condition, has a bit of edgewear, mostly at top, and light paper aging around interior page edges. Features mod artwork on covers!

~ The Clear And Simple THESAURUS/DICTIONARY - 1987 edition - $12.00


Golden 180 page hardcover in Fine+ condition, has a just little corner wear, interior is fine. Rare and amazing color photos and illustration throughout, very desirable book!

~ THE EPIC OF MAN - 1962 - $25.00

Grosset & Dunlap 36 page picture book hardcover has some scuffing and a little edgewear, interior is fine. Loaded with amazing color illustrations from the original 1950 printing!

~ THE AMERICAN INDIANS - 1976 printing - $15.00


162 page softcover, 8" x 10-1/2", mint condition. Tons of classic photos and specs on Ford's as Police Cars, excellent resource!

~ FORD POLICE CARS 1932-97 / 1997 - $25.00

48 page hardcover and jacket in Mint condition, contains many excellent all color photos and illustrations for identification!

~ MODERN COMMERCIAL AIRCRAFT - 1989 1st edition - $15.00

100 page hardcover in mint condition, contains many beautiful all color photos throughout.

~ MODERN LOCOMOTIVES - 1994 - $12.00

112 page hardcover in good condition excet for a little corner wear and plastic coating missing along spine edges and some light discoloration where it's missing, that's it, interior is perfect. Contains over 100 rare b/w photos and illustrations from the complete history of balloons, has 6 very nice color plates!

~ BALLOONS - 1962 British 1st edition - $15.00

Mint condition, 40 page softcover with old ads and engravings.

~ BIKES & TRIKES OF LONG AGO - 1975 1st edition - $15.00

58 page Golden Library / American Heritage hardcover in good shape, has some edgewear, a few small dents on back cover, a little interior paper aging around page edges and a 1-1/2" missing corner on one page, contains the best art you will ever see on the subject, no kidding!

~ FAMOUS AMERICAN SHIPS - 1958 edition - $10.00

Ziff Davis 250 page hardcover in mint condition except for a small crossed out name on page 3, jacket has very light wear. Features tons of great b/w photos with a color section, $14.95 cover price, nice book!

~ SPORT FLYING - 1976 1st edition - $12.00

84 page Air Force softcover in nice shape, has light wear, features a number of airplanes including F-107A, Goblin, B-57, Thunderstreak, Valkerie and many more


Large 38 page hardcover in NM-M condition, contains great all-color illustrations!

~ WAR VEHICLES - 1979 1st edition - $15.00

Smithmark hardcover in new condition.


ARCO hardcover in new condition.

~ MODERN ATTACK AIRCRAFT - 1987 - $35.00

Smithmark hardcover in new condition.


Smithmark hardcover in new condition.

~ MODRN US ARMY - 1992 - $35.00

Bantam paperback in near-new condition.

~ ROCKETS AND MISSILES - 1972 - $15.00


182 page hardcover in mint condition, jacket has a little wear and some light wrinkling on back.

~ HYPNOSIS - 1960s - $7.00

126 page softcover in F-VF condition, methods and devices, photos and illustrations.

~ HYPNOTISM REVEALED - 1960s - $6.00

266 page softcover in VG-F condition.

~ ESP A Scientific Evaluation - 1966 1st Printing - $6.00

170 page softcover in Fine condition, has a sticker, spiritual and psychic organizations documented.

~ THE NEW CONSCIOUSNESS - 1975 1st printing - $15.00

130 page Whitman softcover in Fine condition, tons of card layout illustrations.

~ 100 GAMES OF SOLITAIRE - 1939 1st printing - $15.00

66 page booklet documents things like 'the weirdos' and other unusual objects, etc.

~ RIPLEY'S BELIEVE IT OR NOT! Collection - 1978 - $10.00

180 page softcover in VF condition, foreign language, Budapest, many photos of position poses.

~ SPORTeYOGA - 1964 - $10.00


232 page book published by The Chautauqua Press, NY, in excellent condition, many great rare photos including dinosaurs and dinosaur skeleton from a museum. Jacket has some edgewear along top edge, looks very good for it's age.

~ STORIES IN STONE - 1927 - $20.00

364 page hardcover from American Folkways in excellent condition, jacket has a little wear and some tape pieces at top edge, top corner of inside flap is neatly trimmed off, spine has very nice cactus artwork.

~ DESERT COUNTRY - 1941 - $12.00

Large 36 page hardcover in excellent near mint condition, beautiful all color photos of the desert.

~ THE WIND HAS SCRATCHY FINGERS - 1962 1st edition - $15.00

100 page hardcover has some edgewear and light scuffing, interior is perfect, lots of very nice illustrations and information.

~ PATHFINDING - 1964 1st edition - $8.00


All books are in good condition for their age, solid and square.

Hardcover, jacket has edgewear that includes small tears and 3 small edge chips, but is complete. Book is fine, nearly 700 pages, includes thousands of indexed color and b/w illustrations! 1st edition, $6.95 cover price, thick and heavy.


Softcover, 258 pages, 1st english translation edition, photos and illustrations.

~ THE WORLD OF BIRDS - 1978 - $9.00

Softcover, book has light 'use wear.' The best book out there for bird identification, tons of amazing color illustrations! Thick and heavy.

~ NGS Field Guide To BIRDS OF NORTH AMERICA - 1980s - $9.00

64 page 5-1/2" x 3-1/2" hardcover in decent shape for it's age, page 5 is loose, rest is fine, some edgewear, solid binding, really exceptional all color illustrations!!

~ Whitman RED BOOK OF BIRDS - 1941 - $10.00

64 page 5-1/2" x 3-1/2" hardcover in decent shape for it's age, there is a little bit of black marker lines on page 2, solid binding, some edgewear, really exceptional all color illustrations!!

~ Whitman YELLOW BOOK OF BIRDS - 1941 - $15.00

114 page Rand McNally softcover in NM-M condition, features many beautiful b+w and color illustrations!

~ ALBUM OF NORTH AMERICAN ANIMALS - 1977 2nd edition (signed by artist) - $25.00

114 page Rand McNally softcover in NM-M condition, features many beautiful b+w and color illustrations!

~ ALBUM OF NORTH AMERICAN BIRDS - 1976 1st edition (signed by artist) - $25.00

Four pieces, 90 page softcover, the Walking Tour pamphlet (shown), a 'Camping In Death Valley' pamphlet and a fold out map!

~ EXPLORING DEATH VALLEY - 1976 - $15.00

48 page softcover in NM+ condition, lots of beautiful rare engravings and photos.

~ POWELL'S CANYON VOYAGE - 1969 - $15.00

212 page spiral bound softcover reference guide in excellent condition, has hundreds of detailed illustrations of various insects!

~ HOW TO KNOW THE INSECTS - 1969 edition - $15.00

140 page all color softcover in good condition, has some wear, the spine has some light wrinkles and a small chip at top. This Sierra Club book has the most awesome photos there are, wow!!


Thick 514 page softcover in very nice condition, light wear, features hundreds of exceptional all color photos for easy identification, includes planting guides.

~ Guide To GARDEN FLOWERS - 1983 - $10.00


216 page Grosset & Dunlap hardcover in perfect condition except for super light interior paper discoloration around edges, nice, jacket has a little edgewear in spots and a small chip on back.

~ HOW TO COLLECT STAMPS - 1936 - $25.00

Thick 456 page hardcover in excellent condition, jacket has a little edgewear and a few small neatly repaired tears. Features huge cross referencing index for issues from 1947-76!

~ NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC INDEX 1947-76 - 1977 - $12.00

132 page Taplinger hardcover in beautiful condition, jacket has some light scuffing and some edgewear. Features color photos of many interesting craft pieces for children.


66 page softcover in NM condition, contains great articles and photos of older dolls and accessories.

~ DOLL NEWS - Summer 1977 - $10.00

Thick 174 page magazine in F-VF condition, has tons of vintage ads and articles on antique collecting, very nice.

~ HOBBIES Magazine For Collectors - May 1977 - $15.00


100 page Popular Mechanics hardcover in excellent NM condition, jacket has edgewear and some chipping at top edge. Features the best illustrations and photos of any how-to books ever, wow!!


82 page softcover.

~ AT HOME WITH COLOR - 1969 - $10.00

Pocket-sized 140 page hardcover in mint condition, has an amazing amount of info, illustrations and photos for identification for furniture dealers and collectors, original 10 cent cover price!!

~ THE SENG HAND-BOOK Furniture Facts - 1940 - $20.00


126 page hardcover in excellent condition, flat and solid, 8 pages have a few highlight marks on them. Features info, illustrations and tableture for dance moves and moods, interesting book!

~ MUSIC FOR THE MODERN DANCE - 1973 edition - $25.00

Large 136 page softcover in new condition, has tons of circuitry illustrations and lots more. Comes with 33-1/3 floppy record.

~ ELECTRONIC PROJECTS FOR MUSICIANS - 1978 4th printing - $30.00

Large 66 page softcover book in good condition, spine has a bit of tearing, has wear and some interior aging around edges. Features complete chord and harmony charts.


Large softcover in new condition, features chords for playing and arranging songs.



130 page True Book hardcover in fine shape except for some spots of corner and edgewear. Photos accompany the stories.

~ 100 GREATEST SPORTS FEATS - 1964 - $20.00

Softcover, very nice VF-NM condition, square, flat and solid. Large, tons of great artwork.

~ Giant Book of STRANGE BUT TRUE SPORTS STORIES - 1976 - $12.50

Softcover, VF+ condition, has 2" stain on inside of front cover, otherwise nice shape, flat and solid, has photos.

~ THE SPORTS HALL OF SHAME - 1987 - $8.50

196 page hardcover in very good condition, only problem is a light water stain at spine top, appearing on all pages a bit at that spot, jacket looks good but has a stain at spine top and a small tear. Features info and photos of every wrestler from that era, includes a color section, invaluable reference guide!


78 page softcover has a little edgewear and light cover wrinkles, interior is fine, awesome book on Roddy!

~ ROWDY RODDY - 1985 - $12.00


Very thick 796 page Wise & Co. hardcover in very nice condition, solid, square and flat, almost like new! Wow, what a book, tons of photos and illustrations, even has a superb color page showing human organs in a person!!

~ Illustrated MODERN HOME PHYSICIAN - 1939 - $40.00

Thick 420 page hardcover in great condition, solid, square and flat, has a little paper aging and a small price written on page 3. Features hundreds of recipes and includes two photo sections of 24 pages showing modern devices for the mosern home, amazing, priceless!!

~ THE WORLD'S MODERN COOK BOOK - 1939 - $35.00

94 page softcover in NM condition, features tons of recipes!


48 page booklet in nice but used condition, features recipes, ads and a great 'attachments' photo section!!


380 page Alexander Hamilton Institute leatherette cover book in excellent NM condition, all about modern business!

~ MODERN BUSINESS - 1930 - $30.00

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